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JScritch posted May 30 at 7:31 pm
Hi Mark,

I'm considering your Chest Blast workout but am curious how I would add that into my current 10-week cycle. Is this something that can be included or is this something I would do between cycles?

Is the same true for the arms blast?

recent by Mark McManus  ·  Jun 1 at 9:34 am
ssertoglu posted May 26 at 5:41 pm
Hello Mark;

Fisrt of all thanks for THT program. I really enjoy it and it feels great when workout is done..

My question is Randy Herring advices two different exercises for chest and back. Link :

Would it be okay if i implement another exercise for chest and back to your THT system for two more se
recent by Mark McManus  ·  May 30 at 12:34 pm
Hi All,

Just wondering the same old question, and the internet doesn't give much away, do I thought I place it here to see if anyone has worked this one out

I am cutting with the TSPA diet, and working hard with the THT plan since years. Great muscle gains and loving it: BUT, now that I am cutting and trying to get down to the <12% body fat, i am wondering how much the scale really me
recent by oschuster  ·  Apr 22 at 1:52 am
JScritch posted Apr 11 at 7:51 pm
First 2 THT Cycles: 8-12 Rep Range - 3 Day - Whole Body

3rd THT Cycle: 6-8 Rep Range - 3 Day - M/W/F Splits

4th THT Cycle (current): 6-8 Rep Range - 3 Day - M/W/F Splits

Overall, I've noticed slight size changes (arms, chest & legs) but not as much as I would have thought after almost 40 weeks. My strength appears static, per my logs, but I am focusing much more on form and negati
recent by Mark McManus  ·  Apr 14 at 10:38 am
Jekyll posted Apr 10 at 7:23 pm
Hi Mark.
You recommend going to a 5 day (8-12 rep range) cycle after completing 10 weeks of a 3 day (8-12 rep range) cycle. With the crazy work and family schedule I have, the 3 day cycle was ideal as far as time goes. Would it be detrimental for me to go right back into a 3 day cycle? And, if I do, should I stick to a 8-12 rep range or change over to a 6-8 rep range? Thanks in advance.

recent by Mark McManus  ·  Apr 13 at 2:24 pm
mojave27 posted Apr 9 at 5:31 pm
I'm wrapping up my first phase of THT (3-day at 8-12 reps), and I'm prepping for the 5-day split.

I only have free weights in my home gym, so wondering what I can do in place of leg press and leg extensions on leg day.

The exercise bank says squats and leg-presses are interchangeable. So, can I just do 4 sets of squats, instead of 2 squats and 2 leg presses? I realize you can't really t
recent by Mark McManus  ·  Apr 10 at 12:49 pm
Jekyll posted Mar 29 at 2:06 am
Hi Mark.

We all come down with sicknesses from time to time. Right now, I'm battling a pretty nasty cold coupled with a sinus infection, which has left me feeling miserable, exhausted, and weak, to say the least. Do you recommend skipping workouts until fully recovered? To power through as much as possible? Or would a shortened workout be key in this situation?

recent by Jekyll  ·  Mar 30 at 3:12 am
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