Hi All,

Just wondering the same old question, and the internet doesn't give much away, do I thought I place it here to see if anyone has worked this one out

I am cutting with the TSPA diet, and working hard with the THT plan since years. Great muscle gains and loving it: BUT, now that I am cutting and trying to get down to the <12% body fat, i am wondering how much the scale really me
recent by oschuster  ·  Apr 22 at 1:52 am
JScritch posted Apr 11 at 7:51 pm
First 2 THT Cycles: 8-12 Rep Range - 3 Day - Whole Body

3rd THT Cycle: 6-8 Rep Range - 3 Day - M/W/F Splits

4th THT Cycle (current): 6-8 Rep Range - 3 Day - M/W/F Splits

Overall, I've noticed slight size changes (arms, chest & legs) but not as much as I would have thought after almost 40 weeks. My strength appears static, per my logs, but I am focusing much more on form and negati
recent by Mark McManus  ·  Apr 14 at 10:38 am
aznewsboy posted Apr 13 at 12:07 am
I read your recent email regarding having only a protein shake for breakfast/boosting T & HGH levels, and have a couple of questions.

First, I've read several articles regarding Intermittent Fasting and it's effect on hormone levels and I can see how no carbs or very low carbs can prevent the insulin surge and help boost hormone levels, so your advice seems pretty sound. However, I use B
recent by Mark McManus  ·  Apr 13 at 2:31 pm
Jekyll posted Apr 10 at 7:23 pm
Hi Mark.
You recommend going to a 5 day (8-12 rep range) cycle after completing 10 weeks of a 3 day (8-12 rep range) cycle. With the crazy work and family schedule I have, the 3 day cycle was ideal as far as time goes. Would it be detrimental for me to go right back into a 3 day cycle? And, if I do, should I stick to a 8-12 rep range or change over to a 6-8 rep range? Thanks in advance.

recent by Mark McManus  ·  Apr 13 at 2:24 pm
mojave27 posted Apr 9 at 5:31 pm
I'm wrapping up my first phase of THT (3-day at 8-12 reps), and I'm prepping for the 5-day split.

I only have free weights in my home gym, so wondering what I can do in place of leg press and leg extensions on leg day.

The exercise bank says squats and leg-presses are interchangeable. So, can I just do 4 sets of squats, instead of 2 squats and 2 leg presses? I realize you can't really t
recent by Mark McManus  ·  Apr 10 at 12:49 pm
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